The 4D Healthware platform was created to help physicians effectively and efficiently coordinate care for patients with multiple chronic conditions. We take the most relevant details from each patient’s health history and add real time data from uploaded every few minutes from activity trackers, wireless scales and wearable biometric sensors every few minutes, 24 hours a day. The platform uses this data to deliver care plan recommendations for each patient, which you modify accordingly. Your patients can review care plans and monitor their progress on their 4D Healthware dashboard, accessible from computers, tablets, IOS or Android devices. The platform pushes out messages to patients throughout each day, providing encouragement and emotional support, as well as medication reminders. You have your own dashboard with each patient’s care plan, a record of adherence and progress as well as exception reports when a patient needs intervention. The electronic communication between the the platform and the patient far exceeds the 20 minutes of non face-to-face care coordination/management required for reimbursement under CPT-99490. Better still, this communication is delivered to them in language that is friendly and easy to understand, and respond to. The 4D platform is their friend, telling them just what they need to hear, just the way they need to hear it.