Why VBR?

Why Value-Based Reimbursements?

Value-based reimbursements adjusts Medicare reimbursements based on a providers performance on quality and patient experience measures. Health systems and clinics are assessed on their performance relative to their peers on quality and costs as well as their own performance over time.

Patient engagement is central to getting care coordination right. Physicians don’t have the time or staff to spend additional hours required to give their patients the quality of care so they hire companies like 4D Healthware.

Patient engagement in our 4D Platform includes the following: watching an instructional video about a new diagnosis or taking a small survey on how a patient feels; monitoring key metrics such as blood glucose and blood pressure levels, activity and weight; meeting individualized exercise or activity goals; and adhering to a dietary plan. All of this engagement is complimented and driven by the physician’s care plan.

Why NOW?

Today, providers have a tremendous financial incentive with these new value-based reimbursement codes to offer this unmatched patient focused engagement. Hiring companies like 4D to start engaging with their patients, collect the reimbursement and improve patient outcomes, means more revenue to the practice and healthy patients.

It’s a win across the board!


What the experts say:

House Reps Create Caucus for Value-Based Reimbursement, Health IT

The Health Care Innovation Caucus recently launched to promote legislation that will accelerate the value-based reimbursement transition and support health IT innovation.

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Chronic care management program showing signs of saving money, improving care

A CMS experiment that compensates doctors to improve care for the sickest Medicare beneficiaries is showing signs of both saving money and improving quality.

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Slow and Steady Still the Motto for Value-Based Reimbursement

Industry experts agreed that provider organizations will slowly adopt value-based reimbursement in 2018, but innovators will benefit from taking on risk-based, holistic models.

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